Ger’s store paves the way for success of Irish food companies

Local Subway store owner Ger Deely has been celebrating following the news that his store in Clonmel has helped to open the door for Irish food producers and suppliers to provide produce to 3,400 Subway stores across Europe.

Ger is one of 54 Sunbway franchisees in Ireland whose stores gave Irish food companies a valuable platform to prove that they could deliver quality ingredients to one of the largest brands in the world.

“These Irish companies started supplying stores like mine in Parnell Street and now they are supplying Subway stores all over Europe,” he said.

“The Sub you buy in London, Paris or Rome is just the same as the Sub you buy in Clonmel. They are all made using ingredients from Ireland,” he added.

“Ireland is now at the heart of the Subway brand in Tipperary and all across Europe. Every time someone buys their favourite Sub they are supporting Irish jobs.”

Ger said that 55 million of the meatballs used to make the famous Meatball Marinara Subs ordered by customers in towns and cities across Europe last year were made in Ireland. 37 million bread sticks and all of the 205,728 muffins sold in Ireland and the U.K. each year are also made in Ireland.

“Irish food producers and suppliers are working with Subway stores and putting the country on the map for all the right reasons.

Stores like mine in Clonmel are helping to sustain hundreds of Irish jobs and I am proud that Subway stores are one of the Irish food industry’s biggest customers,” he added.


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