Liquidation not linked to new firm

On Tuesday next a liquidator will be appointed to the company, Brian Mordaunt & Sons Ltd, which ceased trading over two years ago.

The meeting for creditors and the appointment of the liquidator will take place at the Clonmel Park Hotel at 9.30 next Tuesday morning.

George Mordaunt told The Nationalist that Brian Mordauant & Sons was shelved over two years ago and Tuesday’s meeting was a ”paper” process that had to be gone through. He said there were no creditors and that the meeting was a “ticking of the boxes” that had to be done to bring things to a conclusion for that company.

Mr Mordaunt wrote a book, ‘Shepherd’s Pie’, on the problems experienced by the company when hit by recession.

He pointed out that that process had nothing to do with the day to day running of the Mordaunt Group which was established in 2004 and up until November traded on the Waterford Road. The Mordaunt Group re-located its business to Carrigeen last November.

Mr Mordaunt, a director of the Mordaunt Group, said that the business was downsized as they no longer needed the size of the showroom on the Waterford Road. That property, he confirmed, is up for sale at the moment.

“We have had discussions with Aldi and other interested parties as part of that process” he said.

Fourteen full time and part time staff are employed by the Mordaunt Group at the Carrigeen operation which is a three fold concern involving car sales on the forecourt, a pre order business for sourcing cars in the UK and on Valentine’s Day a new business Pay as You go Auto will commence trading. This business is directed towards people who find it difficult to arrange finance for cars and they “pay as you go “ making a payment every two weeks for the use of the vehicle.

“Business is very good, better than it has been for years and we are looking forward to developing the new side of the business concerning the pay as you go concept” said Mr Mordaunt.

“Our day to day trading is not affected by what is happening on Tuesday, that process concerns a different company” he said.




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