Supt. McGrath enjoys working with community groups in Tipp Town

The dedication of voluntary groups and their willingness to work together for the community has greatly impressed Tipperary towns Garda Superintendant Nicholas McGrath since he was posted to the town last June.

Superintendant McGrath, pictured right, said that because of the spirit of people working together there was a great sense of belonging attached to the town, a town he has greatly enjoyed working in since he arrived.

“Because you have this nucleaus of groups working to improve the lives of people in the community.people are just getting on with it themselves rather than looking around waiting for somebody else to do the work for them,” said Supt.McGrath.

Supt. McGrath,who led the murder inquire in Golden, said he had no connections with Tipperary Town or the county prior to his arrival.

A native of Ballinakill,County Laois he spent thirty seven years in Dublin and came from the Bridewell to replace Supt. Padraig Dunne in Tipperary town when he was transferred to Kilkenny.

“It is a different type of policing here than in Dublin.Everybody knows everybody here and there is a great sense of community in Tipperary town and the surrounding areas,” he said.

He was very impressed with the number of different organisations working on a voluntary basis and the quality of sporting facilities that were available that were provided as a result of years of fundraising and a tremendous push from the people of the town.

“It’s not only Tipp Town that applies to , the same is the case in the surrounding villages ,its very impressive,” he said.

Supt.McGrath said he greatly appreciated the level of support shown to him since his arrival by the people of the town and to the gardai in the town .

“People are very forthcoming with their support, meetings have been very open and straightforward and everybody is working on the basis that anything done is done with the interests of the community at heart,” he said

Supt McGrath attends the joint policing committee meetings with members of Tipperaray Town Council and finds them to be an important link to the people of the town.

“It is a helpful process.Every chance you get to interact with the people of the town is a very positive thing.

“You get a better idea of the different matters going on in the town and how they affect people and the communities they live and you get to talk about crime and other issues and it is good to have such a procedure in place,” he said.

Regarding the closure of Dundrum garda station Supt.McGrath said that it would have taken a huge amount of money to make the station ‘fit for purpose’ but while it was not closed for that reason “We have what we have” and they had to move on from there.

“The man responsible for policing Dundrum will still be responsible for policing it.

“It’s not a case of closing the door, the garda will be responsible for all issues and provision of a contact point,”


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