Welcome for new ruling on using smartphones while flying

Labour MEP for Ireland South, Phil Prendergast, welcomed the EU decision to allow electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or e-readers to be used throughout the entire duration of flights, in ‘flight mode’.

Speaking from Strasbourg, Ms. Prendergast, a member of the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, said:

“This is great news for frequent and business travellers. Not only will it improve productivity, but it will also make the use of smartphones and tablets much simpler.

“The new safety guidelines issued by the EU’s Aviation Safety Agency basically mean that, as long as your devices are not on transmitting mode, you can use them from gate to gate, including while the plane is taxiing, taking-off and landing.

“This does not pose any flight safety risk, so this guideline update makes fliers’ routines much simpler.

“Airlines will now be free to update their own on-board rules, while passengers will, of course, still need to pay attention to the safety briefing.

“At the Commission’s request, the EU’s Aviation Safety Agency is currently reviewing the safety of using these devices on transmitting mode, and new guidance updates are expected next year.”


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