Workers are too busy to take their full annual leave

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Two thirds (65%) of Irish people don’t take all of their annual leave each year according to a new survey by The research into how many holidays we take each year reveals that we appear to be a hard working nation; with just over 1 in 5 (22%) saying they are too busy at work to take all their allotted annual leave. One fifth (20%) admit that they just don’t get round to taking them and 15% make the effort to save up their days but don’t find the time to take them before the festive season.

Almost half of us (41%) get 21-25 days annual leave while just over a third (38%) have 20 days off per year while 20% say they have more than 25 days holiday each year.

Almost two thirds (63%) of workers are allowed to carry their holidays over to the following year.




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