Playground to re-open

Carrick-on-Suir Town Clerk Michael O'Brien.

Carrick-on-Suir Town Clerk Michael O'Brien.

Carrick-on-Suir’s children’s playground at Fair Green is to re-open in two weeks time following extensive renovations but a senior Council official warns if the amenity is vandalised again, he will recommend permanent closure of the amenity.

Town Manager Pat Slattery says the revamped playground is being inspected this week so it can be certified as safe for children to play in and next week the Council will carry out the final job in the project - the replacement of damaged panels in the playground’s perimeter fence.

Town Clerk Michael O’Brien told the Council’s annual Budget meeting that the state of the playground before the renovations was “absolutely shocking” and it was damaged by people from the town. “If the playground is damaged again, my recommendation is that it would be closed down,” he warned.

Cllr Sylvia Cooney-Sheehan criticised the Council for not erecting a higher perimeter fence. She described the playground fence as “inadequate” and claimed people were already climbing over it at night.

Mr O’Brien said complaints about the fencing were a “red herring” that let people responsible for vandalising the playground off the hook. “It’s meant to be a playground not an open prison,” he said and pointed out most playgrounds had low fencing and cited examples of playgrounds without any perimeter fence.

Pat Slattery told The Nationalist the Council plans to set up a working group comprising schools, community groups and the local business association that will work to ensure the playground is kept in good repair.


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