A month after storm some Cahir customers still have no phones

Nearly a month after Storm Darwin knocked out electricity, television and telephone signals some phone customers in the Cahir area are still without a service.

The matter has been highlighted by local election candidate Martin Lonergan who says that most worrying are the number of elderly people who are still without their means of keeping in touch with family and friends.

“I have met with elderly people, many of whom rely on their telephones to stay in touch with family members, friends and neighbours, who are without a working phone line. They may not be able to use mobile phones and many are worried because their socially monitored alarm systems, which were fitted by the local community alert group, will not work without a working phone line,” according to Mr Lonergan. He criticised Eircom management for the ongoing disruption to phone and broadband services in certain areas of the Cahir and Clonmel areas.

While commending Eircom employees for their ongoing repair efforts following the storm, Mr Lonergan said, “It is totally unacceptable that, in this day and age Eircom customers continue to be without a basic phone and/or broadband service after the storms.”

Continuing Mr Lonergan added, “I have met with and spoken to small business owners who have been without a phone line and internet connection for weeks. Customers cannot make contact with these businesses and in most cases, wages cannot be paid into the bank accounts of employees without an internet service nor have the businesses in question the ability to access their email or other services that they need on a daily basis.”

Mr Lonergan is now calling on telecommunications companies to provide up to date information to customers and to waive charges, including line rental, for customers who were affected.




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