Adam O’Donnell’s family express gratitude

The late Adam O'Donnell who died on February 14.

The late Adam O'Donnell who died on February 14.

Our world changed on Friday, February 14, 2014. Our son Adam was killed instantly when his car crashed on his way to work, to a job he really enjoyed.

Adam lived life to the fullest, enjoyed his friends, forgave easily and saw the fun in life. We know that Adam is sadly missed by all the people whose lives he touched.

We have thought about how we could thank each and every one of you who stepped in to help and realise this is a task too big, simply because our whole community stepped in to support, help and sympathise and to name everyone would be impossible.

So briefly yet with heartfelt gratitude:

To those first on the scene of Adam’s crash, members of the Gardaí, Fire Department, Ambulance Service, South Tipperary General Hospital, Fr. Tom Breen, Dr. Carmel Condon and John Donoghue and Sons Undertakers, thank you for all you did.

To all who sent Mass cards, travelled to sympathise with us, helped with Adam’s funeral arrangements, made copious cups of tea, arrived with food and who helped in every way throughout the days at our home,

and to Fr. O’Bric and members of the clergy who offered support and co-celebrated Adam’s funeral mass.

Thank you. Mass will be offered for you as our token of gratitude to all of you.

Adam’s Months Mind Mass will take place Sunday, March 30, at 12 noon in St. Michael’s Church Clerihan.

Sean, Sue Anne, Rebecca and Leah O’Donnell.




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