Ambulance service cuts? Tipp has suffered enough

This county has suffered more than its fair share of hospital services threats - and not just threats but actual closures that impact on the community.

It all appears to be part of a grand plan spearheaded by Health Minister James Reilly with an over-concentration on centralisation. Another word in common usage is rationalisation.

Now the latest threat is to the ambulance service.

And the fear was considered serious enough to attract a large attendance to a protest meeting in Cashel last weekend. The town had been vocal in the past in its defence of Our Lady’s Hospital and community support is now being mobilised again at what is described as another blow.

A protest group has been formed to lobby to retain all ambulance services.

Medical personnel at the meeting highlighted the vital role that early intervention plays in tackling strokes and heart attacks - to such an extent that the early arrival of an ambulance with trained paramedics can mean the difference between life and death.

As was the case with the fight to protect services at South Tipperary General Hospital a number of years ago, it is left to the communities to the fight the services’ corner. This is democracy in action but is it the right way to run our health services?

Michael Heverin, Editor




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