Archbishop Clifford says report ‘gave leadership and support’

The Archbishop of Cashel and Emly,  Dr Dermot Clifford.

The Archbishop of Cashel and Emly, Dr Dermot Clifford.

A body responsible for the safeguarding of children in the Catholic Church has made seven recommendations to the Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly following a comprehensive review.

The report by the The National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church details the nineteen allegations received against thirteen priests in the Archdiocese since 1975 and states that no priest has been convicted of having committed an offence against children in that time.

There are five priests against whom an allegation has been made and who are in ministry in the diocese.

There are two priests against whom an allegation was made and who are ‘out of ministry”, both of theses priests are over seventy five years of age.

There are six priests against whom an allegation was made and who are now deceased.

The report stated that Archbishop Clifford was direct in his communication and showed leadership as well as giving support for all matters relevant to safeguarding children.

Archbishop Clifford presides over 46 parishes and a total Catholic population of 82,275. There are currently 82 active Diocesan priests, 5 who are retired, sick, on study leave or working in other Dioceses in Ireland or abroad. Also, there are 52 priests, 13 brothers ands 132 sisters from Religious Orders working or living in the Archdiocese.

Archbishop Clifford welcomed the report as being generally very positive and complimentary.

The report was released on Tuesday and makes seven recommendations.

The purpose of the review was to confirm that current safeguarding practice complies with the standards set down within the guidance, Safeguarding children: Standards and Guidance Document for the Catholic church in Ireland issued by the Sponsoring Bodies in 2009 and that all known allegations and concerns had been appropriately dealt with.

The report draws conclusions regarding the effectiveness of policies and practices in the archdiocese to prevent abuse, as well as the ability of the relevant personnel within the archdiocese to access and manage risk to children.

The findings of the review deal with seven standards required and seven recommendations were made in the report.




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