Cahir gearing up to host glamour Cannonball Run event

'Chewbacca' atop his  Maserati Quattroporte bids farewll to Cashel at last year's Cannonball event.

'Chewbacca' atop his Maserati Quattroporte bids farewll to Cashel at last year's Cannonball event.

The town of Cahir is to host the spectacular Cannonbhall Run event this year.

The event will bring rich toursim and economic benefits to the town throughout the year building up to the main event on September 14th when the race will stop in Cahir.

Just how big securing a host spot for the Cannonball Run is will hit home next month when the first major build up event will take place.

Sixteen times world darts champion Phil Taylor will visit Cahir to kick off the Cannonball Run programme .

The Englishman will take on up to twenty local darts enthusiasts at a fundraiser which will take place at the Cahir House Hotel on March 24th.

Last year’s Tipperary hosts Cashel enjoyed a wonderful Cannonball Run experience and this year the Cahir community are working hard to ensure that the full potential of the event for the town is realised.

The Tipperary Cannonball Run organiser John McHugh is delighted that the event will have a Tipperary venue for the third successive year.

“It has meant a lot to Dundrum and Cashel and now Cahir is going to experience it and there is a now a strong committee in place in Cahir to manage it.This event will enhance the profile of Cahir and the beautiful attractions it has such as the castle and Swiss Cottage will benefit for years to come.” said John.

The Cannonball Run , with its celebrity drivers taking part will bring it’s own glamour and style to the town of Cahir with 150 super cars on suo Ferraris,Bagetti and Lamborghinis .

“Its not just about the cars ands the glamour of the race there will be so many side events and a range of entertainment taking place.It is a massive occasion,” he said.

Cahir is the only stop in Munster this year for the Cannonball Run so a huge crowd is expected to converge on the town.

“This is the biggest road trip in Europe. Cashel was a huge success last year and it was voted the best stop of the Run and hopefully Cahir will be just as popular,” said John.




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