Care centre offers a sanctuary for people living with cancer

Jennifer Jones-Hickey with providers: Olly Griffiin, Lucy O'Connor, Jenny Lawrence and Josephine O'Donnell

Jennifer Jones-Hickey with providers: Olly Griffiin, Lucy O'Connor, Jenny Lawrence and Josephine O'Donnell

The Railway House, Tipperary town has been transformed into a sanctuary for cancer care patients, their carers and families that previously could only be found in large towns and cities.

Founder, Jennifer Jones-Hickey from Tipperary town was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 4, in October 2010 and is receiving ongoing treatment, with only one break in 2013, to maintain good health. In-between treatments Jennifer attended The Girl’s Club in Cork and decided to set up a similar centre in Tipperary town.

“What people have achieved here is amazing,” explained Jennifer’s older sister Laura. “Only six months ago Jennifer was asking how could we set up something similar in Tipperary town and yet here it is, Here in Tipperary the community came together and made this happen quite quickly There is a great committee and my father is a great support to Jennifer” she said.

The centre will offer a number of services and complimentary therapies through voluntary services provided by local professionals.

For those who survive cancer it is a life-changing experience. Jennifer describes how it affected her and how she is surviving. “This centre is my purpose now. I appreciate life more and it’s not just about going to work and coming home; life is more precious than that and I remember wondering what it was all about before I got cancer.

Through my illness I have found my life purpose and if one good thing had to come out of this it is that I am more grateful for life. I’m not grateful that I got cancer, but I’m grateful for what I found through cancer and how I found myself through this experience. If anything happens to me now I wouldn’t be unhappy or have regrets, because of the person I have become today because of it.”

The centre relies on community fundraising and donations.If you wish to organise a fundraiser please contact Pat Jones (Chairman),Nora Hoare (Treasurer), Jennifer Jones-Hickey (Secretary), Tom O’Donohue, Monica Fogarty, Catriona Riordan, Mary Teresa O’Donnell and Maeve Lowry..




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