Carrick-on-Suir Town Council urged to resolve dispute

Mayor of Carrick Cllr Kieran Bourke

Mayor of Carrick Cllr Kieran Bourke

Carrick-on-Suir Town Manager Pat Slattery has given a commitment to the mayor to try and resolve a long running dispute between the Council and the owner of land in lower Ballylynch in the new year.

The promise was given at the Town Council’s latest monthly meeting where Mayor of Carrick Cllr Kieran Bourke criticised Council management for failing to respond to a letter from the landowner seeking a meeting with Council officials.

The lack of progress prompted Cllr Bourke to table a motion at the Council meeting appealing to the local authority to resolve outstanding issues with the landowner in relation to way-leaves, boundary treatments, proposed land swap and other issues on the land.

An exasperated Cllr Bourke said he had raised this matter with the Council every year over the past five years and it had been discussed in committee at two Council meetings but nothing had been resolved.

He outlined that part of the dispute concerned an allegation of raw sewage carried along pipes going through the land being discharged in a stream connected to the River Suir.

Cllr Bourke said the landowner had reported this to the Council on several occasions but nothing was done about it. “These aren’t flippant issues. I am asking officials to do something about this,” he appealed. His call to resolve the dispute was echoed by other councillors at the meeting.

In a written response, the Town Clerk said the Council would meet with the landowner early this year with a view to putting a proposal to him that he believed would resolve the matter. Mr Slattery promised the Council would seek to resolve the issues in the New Year. “We will bring this to a conclusion,” he pledged.

Mr Slattery said the Council had found the landowner difficult to deal with and pointed out that the Council sold the property in question to him with the sewer pipes on the land. “We accept there is sewerage going through the pipes but it’s not going to the river, it’s going to the sewage treatment plant.

Cllr. Bourke disputed this and repeated the landowner’s complaint.

Meanwhile, Town Clerk Michael O’Brien said two thirds of the issues the landowner was concerned about had been dealt with by the Council but noted the landowner might not like the answers he received.Cllr Bourke disagreed and insisted that any of the issues he had raised hadn’t been “put to bed”.




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