Changes on the way

There are so many changes coming to local government following the elections in May that it takes some time to absorb all the implications.

What we do know now is that the local elections - as well the European poll - will be held on Friday, May 23, and following that date, local government as we knew it for generations will cease to exist.

There will be one all-Tipperary county council instead of two as at present while all the borough and town councils will be abolished.

We have been expecting it for months but each week the implications become clearer. Clonmel Borough Council, which will cease to exist, debated the issue this month and in particular what will happen to - and at - its Town Hall. Very little, it appears, as all council business for the new district of Clonmel and Cahir will be handled from County Hall around the corner. The Town Hall will be closed to the public. That seems a shame for such a fine building. It’s all very well streamlining services but at what cost to existing structures?

Columnist Margaret Rossiter recently wrote that hundred of years of municipal administration in Clonmel is disappearing without a whimper. If so, we hope the replacement is better.

Michael Heverin





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