Clonmel loses poll count centre

There will be an echoing silence in South Tipperary count centres this May as local candidates vying for a place on the new Tipperary County Council will have their votes counted in Thurles.

Councillor representatives from Tipperary north and south were informed at a recent meeting that there will be one count centre for Tipperary this May, and Thurles is the proposed venue. But objections have been voiced to the move.

At the March meeting of Clonmel Borough Council, Cllr Siobhan Ambrose expressed her sadness at the proposal.

“I just feel very personally saddened. There was always great engagement at the count centre, and now, overnight, there will be none in South Tipperary anymore.”

In 1898 the Local Government Act established county councils, replacing the grand juries which were in place at the time, in Clonmel and Nenagh. These became two separate administrative counties and have remained so since then. This May will mark a milestone in Tipperary political history.

Cllr Billy Shoer said he hoped the decision would be reversed. “There was always great excitement to see where votes went and how it worked. This is another part of local politics gone and another part of history gone again,” he said.

Cllr Darren Ryan said he ‘totally objected’ to the proposal which would have an economic and social impact on the town. “Clonmel should be the count centre for the three new electoral areas south of the county. This is getting rid of decades of tradition, and I am disappointed that the majority of political parties agreed to it.”




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