Emma Staunton highlights bullying issue

Emma Staunton (Age 11)

Emma Staunton (Age 11)

Eleven-year old Emma Staunton wrote this poem after a school discussion about bullying. Emma is a student of Mount Bruis N.S. and maturely articulates through this poem, the emotions of loneliness and detachment that results in being bullied. Well-done Emma.

Stop Bullying  

You won’t be my friend

You don’t like to help

You call me names

I cry to myself

You won’t let me play

When I do - you moan

You make fun of me

I feel all alone

No more being mean

This silliness ends

Can we play together?

I want to be friends

Enough of the teasing

No more of the names

We are all God’s children

We’re all made the same




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