Family pay tribute to South Tipp General Hospital

Baby Noah O'Donovan

Baby Noah O'Donovan

The family of a baby, who underwent stomach surgery at just seven weeks old, has praised the staff of South Tipperary General Hospital for the excellent care they gave their son.

Samantha Hickey and her partner Niall O’Donovan from Mullinahone have paid tribute to the staff of STGH’s Paediatric Unit for the quick diagnosis of their son Noah’s stomach condition when he was referred to the unit by their GP in January because he was vomiting up all his feed.

Noah, who is now 15 weeks old, was kept overnight at STGH where he underwent tests and was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. The condition means the passage between the stomach and small bowel becomes narrower and stops milk or food passing into the bowel to be digested.

The staff quickly organised for Noah to be transferred to Tallaght Hospital in Dublin where he underwent surgery and was back home to his parents and two year-old brother Charlie within a few days.

Samantha said while the operation was terrifying for them because Noah was so young, it went well and he is now thriving. “He is like a new baby. He is the happiest little fellow and eating well.”

She praised the medical staff at STGH for being “so on the ball” in diagnosing Noah’s problem as he would have got very sick very quickly if the condition wasn’t identified.

Samantha said the nurses and doctors at STGH took great care of her son and she received great support and kindness from all hospital staff including the ambulance paramedics, who brought her and Noah to Dublin. She was also impressed at how medical staff kept her fully informed at all stages about Noah’s tests, diagnosis and his surgery.




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