Fethard’s new Sensory and Musical Garden is opened

The new Sensoryand Musical Garden opened at Fethard Playground

The new Sensoryand Musical Garden opened at Fethard Playground

The latest addition to the very popular Fethard Playground is a ‘Sensory & Musical Garden’, which was officially opened last Saturday, August 2, by Robin Blake and Cian Hurley, both from Fethard. This sensory musical garden project was co-ordinated by South Tipperary Autism Support Group Ltd and led by Janette and Noel Blake, Kilnockin Road, Fethard.

The sensory garden is open to all children but in particular, children and adults with special needs.

providing stimulation for all children

It is designed to provide maximize sensory and musical stimulation for those on the autistic spectrum and indeed all children/adults with special needs. There is also a sensory pathway around the garden which consists of different textures and colours to stimulate the senses and a bridge on the pathway which is wheelchair accessible.

The musical and sensory area consists of a set of three drums, musical crash symbols, set of eight tall chimes, a rain wheel and a wheelchair accessible wiggle bar game. There is a large storyteller’s chair for those who like to sit and dream or tell stories.

The sensory roller table is a fantastic piece of equipment which provides deep sensory pressure to users and is highly recommended for special needs, this piece of equipment was imported from America and we hope its unique use will bring pleasure to those that use it.

There is also a garden picnic table which is designed so that a wheelchair user can sit comfortably at the table without having to leave their chair.

All of the garden furniture is made of re-cycled plastic and is very colourful. We would like to thank our sponsors who helped with the project and we hope all those that use the sensory and musical garden will enjoy it.




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