First Holy Communion and Confirmation Celebration Planning Guide

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The First Holy Communion and Confirmation season is just round the corner, people everywhere will be in a mood to celebrate either in private or host First Communion and Confirmation parties and entertain.

Hosting a party after the Mass has become very popular in recent years. This important milestone in your son or daughter’s spiritual life is becoming a big reason for families and friends to join together to celebrate a wonderful occasion. First Holy Communion and Confirmation parties/ celebrations are gaining popularity and have now become an extensive part of the child’s special day.

The type of celebration you choose, is entirely up to you, your child, and your budget, as with everything in life it is a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong First Holy Communion celebration.

There are many choices of celebrations and we have listed a few:

The reception can be a simple breakfast / lunch held at a local hotel, restaurant, venue or house with a few family and friend members. Or for the person who loves to entertain a lavish family and friends party is a good option, remember to cater for both the children and the adults as guests. As family, friends and classmates of the child will all be invited.

Keep in mind that this is not a typical child’s party. Unlike a wedding, which is primarily designed for adults, or a child’s birthday party, which is geared toward children, a First Holy Communion party will no doubt have guests of all ages. The celebrant should be the “star” of the party and you should make sure they, and their friends, have fun but your planning must also cater to adults as guests rather than helpers.


Decorating should be simple but “special”. First Holy Communion balloons, flowers and candles appeal to all ages so they make a good centrepiece or table accent for the First Communion party. First Holy Communion and Confirmation Confetti in the shapes of stars, crosses, doves and bibles scattered across the table is a nice, and very appropriate touch.


If you are having an “open house” buffet style meal, plastic tableware that can be thrown away will work just fine. Catering: Think about if you want to do prepare all of the catering or hire some caterers?

If you have the room and are having a more formal sit down meal for your guests you will need to bring out the china, crystal and silverware.

You can never guarantee the weather, so always prepare for rain, if you do not have the room in your house for all you guests hire a marquee or purchase some pop up gazebos.

Children’s Entertainment

Adults can always entertain themselves by chatting and catching up with family members, but what about the children? Will you need to hire a bouncy castle, or entertainer or even a DJ.


They say that a picture tells a thousand words, and that is something that can also be said about a well taken photograph. In the years following your child’s 1st Communion and Confirmation day, the main thing that will you’ll have are the memories, remember to take lots of photographs of your child’s First Communion, and if you have a camcorder take some video clips. Check with parish about photographs and video at church.

So, without further ado, have a read of all of the information and advice that we’ve put together. Remember though, much like that of a wedding, First Holy Communion and Confirmation is a religious ceremony and the significance of this day is what counts. So, whether you choose to do something intimate or extravagant, plan it with your child in mind, and it will be a special day that you and your child will remember always.


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