Flourishing Clonmel Men’s Shed group seeking new home

Clonmel Mens Shed members working on one of their projects.

Clonmel Mens Shed members working on one of their projects.

The Clonmel Men’s Shed group which has flourished since it was established sixteen months ago is seeking a new home.

Local businessman Larry O’Keeffe generously provided the Clonmel Shed with a start-up temporary home facility in Bridgewater House in order to get the Clonmel Men’s Shed up and running.

The group is greatful to Larry O’Keeffe who allowed the group use a premises at Bridgewater House rent-free on a temporary basis over the last sixteen months. As a result of Larry’s generosity and assistance the Clonmel Men’s Shed has flourished and now has more than fifty members.

However, the Clonmel branch will be vacating these premises on 14th July as the group’s tenure comes to an end and, as a result, new premises are now being sought. What is required is a minimum of 1,200 sq. feet in floor space. The group would be very interested in hearing from anybody who has vacant premises which might suit requirements. The premises could be adapted and this would not present any problem to the members of the branch.

If anyone has any ideas on the availability of a suitable premises they are asked to make contact with Joe (0862654577) or Noel (0868239394).

There has been huge local business and community support for the Clonmel Men’s Shed. These include Lidl (Clonmel) who have assisted in a number of ways. The Clonmel Men’s Shed cooperated with Lidl (Clonmel) in the organisation of the Barretstown charity auction which raised significant funds last May.

Local businesses and organisations have been very supportive by providing finance, tools and materials. Powerstown Park granted a Benefit Race Meeting which provided much needed funds for ongoing operational costs.

Some of the projects designed and made by the members have been raffled including a chicken coop.

However, apart from these supports the Shed is self-financing and is not grant aided by Government.




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