Football or dogs? Roy Keane cannot decide

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editorial image

Roy Keane, Ireland’s new Assistant Manager, renowned for his steely focus and frankness was for once left speechless when asked to choose between football and dogs.

In an interview exclusively given to Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind annual magazine Guidelines, published this week, dog lover Keane said he simply couldn’t choose between dogs and football.

“Soccer has given me a great life, but I love my dogs. I really don’t know; I’m going to have to pass on that one. That’s the toughest question I’ve had in the 20 odd years I’ve been a professional!”

Roy has been the main patron of Irish Guide Dogs since 2001. “Irish Guide Dogs appealed to me because it is such a great cause. I love dogs; it’s based in Cork and they asked me. To be honest I wasn’t sure I was going to last this long but that tells you how well it’s gone and how much I enjoy what I do.

“It’s just amazing what the dogs do, they give people independence. People can go on holidays, they can go to the shops these dogs are giving people back their life.”




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