Irish and proud

We celebrated our national identity on Monday as it seems only the Irish can.

From the smallest town and village at home to some of the great cities of the world abroad, St Patrick’s Day was marked in the most colourful fashion.

Our closest neighbours in the UK don’t mark their national saints - George, Andrew and David - in anything like the same way.

That makes our celebrations all the more special and unique.

New York’s Fifth Avenue hosted the world’s oldest parade while such iconic sites as the Great Wall of China, Sydney Opera House and the Leaning Tower of Pisa were all illuminated in green for the day.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was in the US while members of his cabinet were at celebrations throughout the world as we used the occasion for economic and tourism purposes as well.

Back home Tipperary marked the feastday in glorious fashion with wonderful parades that reflected real community spirit and passion.

The parades may have their critics but they are part of what we are and it’s only right that we should proclaim our Irishness on such a special day. And nowhere did it better than the towns of Tipperary.

Michael Heverin, Editor




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