Irony in vote of Clonmel councillors on reservoir plan

There was a certain irony in a vote at a South Tipperary County Council meeting this week on a plan to build a new reservoir outside Clonmel.

County Manager Joe McGrath had explained how vital the project was to the town, not only for its water supply infrastructure but in the protection of jobs at such vital industries as Abbott and Boston Scientific - two of the town’s biggest employers and companies that rely heavily on a consistent water supply.

The motion was passed by fifteen votes to nine but of the nine who voted against, six were from the Clonmel area,

It emerged during the meeting that residents in the Giantsgrave area of town, where the reservoir is planned, had objected to the proposal and had lobbied local councillors to their cause.

And despite Mr McGrath’s assertion that the project was crucial to the protection of as many as 2,000 jobs, six Clonmel area councillors voted against.

A number of them rejected a claim from Carrick-on-Suir councillor Sylvia Cooney Sheehan that they were voting out of political considerations with the local elections imminent. They retorted that Giantsgrave was not a suitable location for such a project. One assumes the vote was a quandary for many of them but they made their choice.

Michael Heverin





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