It’s time for the Government to listen

The government doesn’t appear to be doing itself any favours with its handling of the Eirgrid pylons controversy.

Its TDs in counties to be affected by the erection of the pylons must be telling it of the huge opposition generated by the plan. But it doesn’t seem to be listening.

And now it has politicised the debate more by putting back a final decision on the Eirgrid proposal until after the local and European elections - as Independent TD Seamus Healy says, allowing government party candidates to oppose the plyons if they like without having to be accountable for a government decision, Many will hope to be elected by the time the decision is made.

Neither did the taoiseach help matters with his remark in the Middle East that by opposing Eirgrid’s proposals we are damaging the economy and forcing more people into emigration.

It smacked of former taoiseach Bertie Ahern’s support for electronic voting machines, claiming we couldn’t remain in the dark ages at election time by holding on to pencils and paper. And where are those voting machines now?

Enda Kenny and Pat Rabbitte would do well to listen to the pylon protests in South Tipperay and elsewhere. The protests are reasoned and measured and should not be dismissed lightly.

Michael Heverin





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