John Lonergan fumes at state’s ‘stupidity’

Bansha man John Lonergan speaking at the recent event in Cahir.

Bansha man John Lonergan speaking at the recent event in Cahir.

The state has failed the vulnerable in our society, according to former governor of Mountjoy prison and Bansha man John Lonergan.

At an event in Cahir last week, he criticised the “stupidity of the system” and government “insensitivity to people who are saving the state millions.”

Mr Lonergan attacked cuts to medical cards and carers’ allowance at the launch of the group’s Carers’ Week pop-up café.

The Tipp man is in his fourth year as a Carers’ Association board member and paid tribute to people “who do extraordinary things as carers.”

As he drove to Cahir, Mr Lonergan said, he listened to stories on the radio of “the inhuman treatment of people” and said the withdrawal of medical cards made him angry with the stupidity of the system and its insensitivity to people who are saving the state millions.

“The care these people are giving loved ones at home is immense. All they want is a medical card and they take it off them. Our vulnerable people are our young, sick and elderly and people in poverty - the very people who need our help and they are being neglected.”

“At the end of the day if the state hasn’t provided basic services for those in need the state has failed. I think in recent years the state has failed. They didn’t look after them in the Celtic Tiger years. The economy should have been able to serve the people.” Mr Lonergan said he had no difficulty with supporting public efficiency and eliminating duplication but he said he was totally opposed to cutbacks that are enforced on people.




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