Labour’s new man is good news for Tipp

The election of Minister of State Alan Kelly as the new deputy leader of the Labour Party is surely good news for Tipperary.

And more will follow this week when he will almost certainly be named as a full member of the cabinet.

It’s always good to have someone at the top table in government so while the Tipperary TD will have considerable ministerial duties in whatever post he is assigned, he will also be expected to look after his county’s interests.

It is a signifant career move for the Portroe politician.

His election as deputy leader will heighten his profile further and have him well placed when the next race for a leader comes around following Joan Burton’s term.

It’s also good for the Labour Party to have both an urban/rural and a gender balance in the two top jobs.

Labour have a major rebuilding battle after the recent local and European elections disaster and need fresh faces to revitalise the party.

Alan Kelly doesn’t lack either confidence or ambition, and his party - and his county - will now be looking to him to deliver.

We congratulate him on his success and wish him well in both onerous new roles in Labour and in government.

Michael Heverin





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