Look out for others this Christmas

Clonmel councillor Joe Leahy is asking people to look out for one another this Christmas.

“Christmas can be a very busy and active time for many families, but I would ask people not to forget about those people who might not have the comfort of family or friends at this time of the year” he said.

“Christmas can be a time of isolation for some people, who may be alone and feeling vulnerable in the midst of the festive season”.

Councillor Leahy, a former Garda, points out that crime, and in particular, burglaries, often rise sharply at this time of year. He is asking people to remain vigilant and to continue to use their Community Alert and Neighbourhood Watch schemes throughout the holiday period.

“Even if there isn’t such a scheme in your area”, he says “it is important that people look out for one another – especially as some homes, farmyards and outside farms may be unattended as people visit family or friends in other parts of the country”.

“It is a good idea to photograph items that are often targeted in burglaries – be it valuable jewellery or farming equipment” suggested Cllr. Leahy, “and it can also be very helpful to note serial numbers or distinguishing marks which can later assist in identifying stolen property”

The use of social media has become a popular and very effective method of sending alerts to local areas – for example, warning others of the presence of bogus callers in the area. However, Cllr. Leahy cautions that many people do not access social media, so it is important that we also keep in touch using more traditional methods.


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