Michael Murphy welcomes timeline for Postcodes delivery

Fine Gael Councillor Michael Murphy has welcomed the recent publication by the The Department of Communications, of a detailed timeline of when new postcodes will be introduced, saying that work designing the system will be completed by the end of March, with much of the rest of this year spent building and testing the system.

“Since the beginning of last year I’ve been campaigning for their introduction and have raised the matter at South Tipp County Council, the Oireachtas Commitee on Transport and Communications and directly with the Minister.

When introduced, postcodes would be of huge benefit to the emergency services.

“Fire, Ambulance and Garda personnel are being delayed from attending callouts.

From 2015, when every property has a postcode, that then can then be linked to a GPS tracking device in a vehicle and be of huge assistance to those drivers.

“At such callouts, minutes can make all the difference and can even, on occasion, save a life.

“The HSE recognises that there is a problem with finding addresses, particularly in rural areas, and that this sometimes affected response times.

“I’m also involved with a number of community alert groups who have also identified this as a huge problem”.




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