Mixed reaction to pylon decision

There has been mixed reaction to the decision by the government to order an independent review into Eirgrid’s plan to erect controversial pylons across large parts of the west and south of the country, including some of the most picturesque areas of South Tipperary.

The review, chaired by retired judge Catherine McGuinness, will look at the possibility of putting the electric cables underground rather than overhead on pylons.

That may not happen - cost is considered one of the main arguments against it - but at least it will be discussed.

For too long now it appeared that the the views of campaigners opposed to the pylons were being ignored by the government, and in particular by the minister in charge, Pat Rabbitte.

There was an arrogance in his tone that shot down opinions at variance with his own.

Two South Tipp TDs condemn the review as a political stroke, to delay a decision until after the local elections, but even if that’s true it cannot be denied that a new debate on the pylons proposal is very welcome.

If the cables go underground then that’s a major victory for many people in Tipperary and Waterford.

It will be the government’s job then to decide how that is paid for.

Michael Heverin





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