New bid to hold on to Clonmel town mayor

Rockwell College Transition Year student, Mark Bergin who interviewed Con Moroney.

Rockwell College Transition Year student, Mark Bergin who interviewed Con Moroney.

Businessman Con Moroney has called for a new Mayor of Clonmel to be elected after the local elections.

Many people are disappointed and angry that the Borough Council is being abolished and with it the role of mayor.

Cork town Clonakilty are among a number of towns in the same position.

Now Mr Moroney is looking for Clonmel to follow in the footsteps of Clonakilty by putting a stop to this by getting members of the public to volunteer and run for the position of mayor.

The project would have little expense as it would be fully reliant on volunteers to oversee the voting as the mayoral election would be held on the same day as the local elections this month.

Since the 1600s Clonmel has had a mayor who has operated from the Town Hall in Parnell Street.

“The Town Hall is such a beautiful building both inside and outside and it would be a shame to see it close”, said Mr Moroney. “There has always been a mayor in this town as far as anyone can remember, we all pay rates and taxes so we should have a right for a new mayor to be elected if we want to. We have the Town Hall and the regalia so there is no reason why the role of mayor should not be continued”.

If the project did go ahead, it could follow Clonakilty in using the voters list from the County Council register.

The only expense would come from the printing of the ballot papers which Mr Moroney has kindly agreed to pay for.

Voters could be informed that not only would they be voting for their local councillors but also their future mayor.

Only one polling station would be needed as everyone in the town will probably not vote so it would only need to be manned by one or two people, Mr Moroney.

To make the plan work it would need volunteers without political affiliations to put themselves forward for the post, said Mr Moroney, a well known businessman, community activist and former president of Clonmel Chamber.




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