New council services and staff will be in place in early 2014

It is envisaged that new county and Municipal District service structures will be in place early in 2014, months before local elections put an end to the current local government system.

The location of various services north and south of the county has been finalised, and there is ongoing engagement with the unions in relation to staff numbers, and what departments they will be working in.

The expectation is that this will be completed before Christmas and that movement of services between Clonmel and Nenagh, the county’s new headquarters, will commence in January or February.

Clonmel town manager Sinead Carr was pressed by councillors at this month’s meeting of Clonmel Borough Council on the level of service people in the town, and other areas, will receive following the amalgamation of north and south county councils, and the introduction of the new Municipal Districts.

After a motion was passed calling for a constitutional challenge to be initiated as soon as the Local Government Bill is passed by both houses of the Oireachtas, Ms Carr was quick to dismiss any suggestions by councillors, that members of the public would receive a substandard service north or south of the county.

“I don’t want people going off thinking that everything is going north and there are no services coming south, that is absolutely not the case,” she said.

Nenagh headquarters will assume responsibility for planning, finance and roads, while water, environment, housing, economic development and community development will remain in Clonmel. Both towns will operate back office services in each of these areas, so no town will be without any service, she said.

But Cllr Brian O’Donnell disagreed with her.

“The amount of people who come through that door [council building], is unreal, there are times when people are sitting down waiting, because there are so many people there. They won’t be afforded the same time, and don’t be codding ourselves lads,” he said to his colleagues.




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