Outrage as Cahir grandfather’s surgery is cancelled twice

The family of an 83 year old man who has had life saving surgery cancelled on two occasions in the last few weeks has hit out at the health system.

The family of father of five, Cahir man James Fitzpatrick, outlining their ‘unbearable heartbreak’ at watching a loved one being treated in such a ‘cruel and inhumane’ manner, pleaded with Health Minister James Reilly to resolve the serious shortage of hospital resources nationwide.

James was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in September.

The man’s only grandchild Sarah Van Der Wal, speaking on behalf of the family, said the operation was cancelled twice, once after he was gowned up and had waited for over five hours for the operation to take place on November 28 and again when he was given a day’s notice of the cancellation of the operation last week.

The operations were due to take place at Cork University Hospital and at the Mercy Hospital in Cork and on both occasions a shortage of beds and nurses in ICU units was blamed.

“What happened was so cruel, absolutely devastating for him and all of the family. This is a life saving operation and nobody should have to go through this to get proper treatment. It’s disgusting to think that there are not enough beds or nurses in the system, the health minister should be ashamed of what is happening,”said Sarah.

The operation is now sheduled to take place this Thursday with the family hoping it will not be cancelled again.




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