Outrage over trolley situation at South Tipp General

Third World is a cliche overused at times.It is in use again this week concerning the overcrowding of South Tipperary General Hospital.Whatever ‘world’ it is the situation that exists at the hospital is totally unacceptable and shameful and nobody in Clonmel,South Tipperary or in any part of this country should be forced to live in it.

Minister for Health James Reilly this week tried to jump on the back of the success of the introduction of the public smoking ban ten years ago.He would have made a better use of his time if he paid a visit to South Tipperary General to witness the disgraceful sight of elderly people lying on a trolley in a corridor waiting hours and days for a bed in a ward with relatives having to dash downtown to buy pillows and blankets.

The dedicated and hard working staff at the hospital deserve better.They are being asked to work in impossible conditions in a hospital that has lost a quarter of its budget and over one hundred staff in the last few years.

This year again the hospital is hit with a E1.7m cutback.The beds are in the wards but the staff numbers are not there to faciliate the use of the beds.The distress caused by the conditions at the hospital to patients and their families is understandable.Minister Reilly is in his post long enough to know what is happening on the ground,he cannot ignore the problem any longer,urgent action is required to restore some dignity for patients and morale among staff.




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