Polly the Pointer helped Luke to read

Luke McLoughlin and the familys pet German Pointer, Polly

Luke McLoughlin and the familys pet German Pointer, Polly

The Irish Kennel Club have launched the Golden Paw Hero Dog Awards to find Ireland’s most courageous, brave and life changing dogs.

And a Tipperary dog is in the running.

Kathleen McLoughlin has nominated her dog Polly who has been instrumental in aiding her son Luke’s reading and writing abilities.

When Luke was 5, his parents were advised by his school that he needed to repeat junior infants as he was having trouble reading and writing. This continued to senior infants, and he started the reading recovery programme with his teacher. Mrs McLoughlin.

Luke was never motivated to read and write, he had absolutely no interest, until his teacher discovered his passion for dogs. They began to read stories about dogs and he started to write about the adventures of Polly - his German pointer who sleeps on the end of his bed. The teacher encouraged him to bring his dog into school.

As the months progressed, Luke, from Roscrea, began to play “schools” at home with Polly and she sat willingly and listened to him read every night.

His mother says - “He told us that it was good to ready to Polly - she liked it and she never made a fuss when he got a word wrong. His reading and writing is now in the normal range for a 7 year old and it’s all thanks to his heart dog Polly (with a little help too from his teacher)!

Luke completed a book last year entitled ‘The Secret Life of Polly the Pointer’ . He loves this dog to the end of the earth and she has helped him with his early years of education”.




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