Road accident fears outside Coolnamuck Road school

Carrick-on-Suir Town Council has come under politicial pressure to install flashing warning signs outside the town’s Gaelscoil as soon as possible to prevent a serious accident or road fatality.

Cllrs Sylvia Cooney-Sheehan and Patsy Fitzgerald tabled motions at the Council’s last monthly meeting calling on the Council to erect these signs outside the Coolnamuck Rd. school. Two representatives of the school’s parents association attended the meeting to hear the debate on the motions, which were supported by all councillors.

Town Clerk Michael O’Brien informed councillors the Town Engineer inspected the site and noted the problems with the school’s entrance. He found there was ample off-street parking and explained on-street parking outside schools was the main reason for installing flashing warning lights. Different traffic calming and warning measures could be implemented to improve the situation such as central islands and more warning letters on the road, he continued.

Mr O’Brien said the Town Engineer would do a more detailed assessment of the situation prior to implementing any proposals and it would be assessed as to whether flashing lights were still required after that. The works would be included on the list of projects considered for the Council’s 2014 Block Grant.

Cllr Cooney Sheehan responded that speeding cars were a major health and safety issue for the school and called for the flashing signs to be installed as soon as possible rather than waiting for Block Grant funds. Cllr Fitzgerald proposed that one of the projects approved funding under the Council’s 2013 Block Grant be withdrawn in favour of doing this project as a matter of urgency. Mr Powell said the Council’s Block Grant was spent for the year.

Town Manager Pat Slattery said the Town Engineer would take another look at the issue, see what was required and come back to the Council on what funding was available. Mr Powell agreed to Cllr Bourke’s call to come back with proposals to the Council’s January meeting.




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