Sexual violence survivors in Tipp can now access help online

Rape Crisis Centre manager Anita Clancy

Rape Crisis Centre manager Anita Clancy

The Tipperary Rape Crisis & Counselling Centre has taken a major step towards making the service as assessible as possible to all survivors of sexual violence.

This month the centre announced that the official web page for the centre is going live and it is hoped to address situations where some people may have fears about ringing the free number for the first time and first contact will now in those cases be made easier through the website.

The address for the web page is www.tipperaryrapecrisisandcounsellingcentre.com.

Centre manager Anita Clancy said that the new website offers quick and easy access to essential information on all the services provided by Tipperary Rape Crisis & Counselling Centre.

“Many people, but in particular young people, use the internet to find out about services. This is another of the ongoing efforts of TRCC to make the service as accessible as possible to all survivors of sexual violence. “Some people may have fears about ringing the free phone number for the first time. The web page gives the information that may assist and allay those fears. It is designed to provide information about counselling and has a section that gives answers to frequently asked questions. There is also an option to make contact via email on the site” she said.

In October TRCC was one of the centres in Ireland which was included in the Rape Crisis Network Ireland, the umbrella body for Rape Crisis Centres ‘Hearing Child Survivors of Sexual Violence Report’ which was launched by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald. This report showed that 192 children availed of both Rape Crisis Centre and CARI counselling services throughout Ireland in 2012. Of that number approximately nine children attended TRCC.

Ms Clancy said that the children were aged between 14 and 17 and whereas the majority were survivors of sexual violence themselves, two had attended for support as their parent was the survivor of sexual violence.




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