St Vincent de Paul in appeal for donations

As donations to its Annual Appeal are down on average between 20 and 25 per cent compared with last year.the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) has made a renewed plea to the Irish public for support in the last week before Christmas.

Donations to the SVP can be made locally or online at www.svp.ie

What is given locally stays local, says the Society.

Geoff Meagher, SVP National President acknowledged that the current controversy surrounding charitable donations has probably had an effect, but said that the SVP also appreciated that there were other pressures on donors this year of reduced personal incomes and their own family needs. He said the SVP fully supported regulation of charities and has full transparency in its annual published accounts which are available to the public.

“Our 11,000 volunteer members in parish-based units, the local Conferences of the Society, are dealing with a considerable increase in demand for help. Calls for assistance to the SVP have more than doubled in the past five years,

Additional resources to deal with this increase have been required and through the generousity of the Irish public the direct assistance we have been able to provide to those in need has increased from €24m in 2007 to €43m last year.”said Mr Meagher

“The SVP will continue to give assistance to those in need and will respond to requests for help. He said that Society members were facing a wider range of more complex social issues, deprivation and poverty caused by the recession.

As always, this Society will respond and give help and we hope the public will be as generous to us as they can be,” he said.

Donation for the SVP can be made locally or online at www.svp.ie

Over the next few days you can also go to the SVP Virtual Gift Store, www.svp.ie/giftstore. Pick one of six gifts which are indicative of the type of support your generous donation will provide this Christmas. Gifts range from toys to Christmas dinner with values from €25 -€150.


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