Suicide Awareness meeting planned for Clonmel

Clonmel’s fifth information evening on Suicide Awareness, organised by Clonmel man Joe Leahy, and hosted by the recently-formed local charity, C-SAW (Community Suicide Awareness Workers) will be held on Wednesday, April 23rd at 7pm in Hotel Minella, Clonmel.

The theme of the evening is “Taking Time to Talk” to highlight the importance of looking after our mental health, and “making the time to talk to someone when life’s stresses get us down”.

Speakers include -

Elma Walsh - the mother of 16 year old Dónal Walsh who begged other teenagers to “embrace life” on RTE’s “The Saturday Night Show” last year. Dónal lost his battle against cancer in May 2013, but Elma continues to spread Dónal’s message that life is precious and should be lived to its fullest.

Simon Ryan - As County Chairman of South Tipperary I.F.A., Simon is very aware of the huge changes that have taken place in rural living in recent years. The effects of emigration, the demise of evening social activities and the increasing isolation of many in the farming community are additional stresses on rural farmers and communities.

John Watson - Often seen as a glamourous and wealthy industry, the horse racing business has also been touched by the tragedy of suicide. John Watson is a horse breeder and a world silver medallist in eventing. The equine industry is his business. Like any other business, it is not immune to its own pressure and stress.

Noelle Kenny - Noelle is a Volunteer with “Talk it Over” - a suicide and bereavement support service based in Carlow. The service was set up approx 15 years ago, and allows callers to meet with and talk to specially assigned “Listener”s in their Castlehill premises.

Michael Egan - Behind each heartbreaking suicide statistic is a grieving family. The grief of suicide is like no other.

Alongside the anguish are the questions, the “what ifs”, the huge and unanswerable “why?” “Living Links” was founded by Michael to offer help and support to those families and friends who are struggling with those unanswerable questions.




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