Sulky racing horse left for dead at side of road

Gardai are investigating the circumstances in which a dead horse was left abandoned on a Co. Tiperary road that is a popular spot for sulky racing on Sunday afternoon.

Motorists alerted gardai in Thurles to the presence of the dead horse on the road betwen Horse & Jockey and Littleton around 4pm on Sunday.

A spokesman for Thurles Garda Station said the incident is being investigated and as yet they don’t know the exact circumstances of the horse’s death. He said gardai had stopped sulky racing on this road earlier in the day. “We got a call out to that location and sulky racing was going on. We intervened and they all did a runner.” Anyone with information on the sulky racing and the death of this horse should contact Thurles Garda Station at (0504) 25100.




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