Terry Power, family man, friend, was a tonic for all seasons

The late Terry Power, Lower Ballypatrick, Clonmel.

The late Terry Power, Lower Ballypatrick, Clonmel.

Growing up in the valley of Slievenamon, attending Killurney School and with the view of the Comeraghs visible from his front door must all have had a profound influence on Terry Power as throughout his life, Terry was at his most contented when relaxing at home.

He loved the local neighbourhood and all who resided within and it was only natural when he and Bernie married that they set up home in Lower Ballypatrick.

Everything of importance in Terry’s life revolved around the homestead.

Irrespective of whatever the working day demanded of Terry, with the sun setting he would be found in no other place than inside his front door content with his close family.

Where Terry developed his love and knowledge of electrics, engines and wiring is not quite clear; it is a gift Terry always possessed.

As a youngster, he was always tinkering with gadgets and his understanding of how machines worked came as natural to Terry as brushing your teeth to another.

Working with Ebbie Reilly and later Tom Flood and Jim Williams, this natural love for Terry developed into an understanding which equated to a Masters Degree in Electronics; Terry was a genius with electrics.

So many farmers, neighbours, friends owe such a debt of gratitude as Terry could instantly fix trailer lights, TV sets, motor bikes, engines, anything which had stopped, Terry could repair. Somehow or other, Terry always viewed this as a hobby as one of Terry’s greatest loves while at work was tending to animals.

With his expertise in wiring, Terry possessed a level of patience that could see him work on an item for sheer love and never despair when it would not work out the first time as his perfectionist quality would see him ultimately win the day.

His knowledge and association with vintage tractors was well known and in recent years he had started to build a collection of model tractors. From a working viewpoint it was his former manager Davy in Hydrotech who summed him up best “Whatever Terry Power did, it was one hundred percent perfect”

Terry was probably the most positive person that any of use will ever meet in this life. On a warm day, Terry would relax you with his wonderful conversation and boy could Terry talk. On a cold day, he would instantly warm your heart but most of all on a cloudy day, Terry Power, just for you, could make the sun shine.

His bubbly demeanour brought out the best in a person and if you were fortunate enough to receive one of Terry’s early morning greetings, it was just the start up tonic the doctor had ordered.

Along with Bernie they developed a love of Westport which instantly spread to Shannon and Tara and so, Terry bought a caravan, did it up to a tee and would spend many the summer night relaxing with his family in the west of Ireland.

Seldom if ever in bad form, Terry just had that unique burst of positive energy that was so infectious. He could light up any gathering with his presence and that is why his absence is so heartbreakingly painful now most especially for his close knit family. Terry’s family are so grateful for the wonderful community support they received in a number of ways during his sickness and would like to express their deep appreciation.

His shed at home was the neatest and tidiest you would ever see, everything had a place and everything was in its correct place and Terry being Terry, everything in that shed was labelled.

There are times when we lose a loved one and ask why God allows such a terrible thing to happen, especially to someone so young and irrespective of what way one reads the scriptures, there appears to be no answer. Yet, deep down in our souls we can only try and thank God for the wonderful gift that was Terry Power.

He was the perfect hubby, the so proud dad, the dutiful son, the best brother, the most willing helpful neighbour and wonderful friend to so many.

Home and family was all that Terry wanted, it was where he was at his happiest, the joy, laughter and wonderful memories associated with Terry will remain with us forever.

Christmas was a period Terry adored and almost magically a cocoon would wrap itself around the Power household that presented the home as impenetrable. Terry had that ability to make each Christmas more special than the previous one and as we approach his first anniversary, we can only try to continue living life the way Terry would have wanted us and that is to always put our best foot forward.

We can only express our deep sympathy to Bernie, Shannon, Tara and all of Terry’s family and remember them in our daily prayers, May he rest forever in peace.




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