The bail-out exit - Enda Kenny’s address

Once before a Taoiseach told the nation that it was spending too much and should tighten its belt.

What we didn’t know at the time was that Charlie Haughey was spending more than anyone - and not all his own money.

Enda Kenny had his own address to the nation on Sunday. There were some parallels to Haughey’s now infamous broadcast - he told us that we have to careful as we look to the future - but there any similarities ended.

The Taoiseach had the good sense to pay tribute to the people of Ireland for their role in exiting the bail-out and saying goodbye to the troika.

And well he might. While the government, with the troika looking over its shoulder, introduced the budgetary measures needed to recover our economic sovereignty, it was the people who carried out those measures.

Austerity hurts and the people feel the pain. We must hope it was worth it and that the future will be brighter, even if we must remain cautious.

However there was probably no alternative to the government’s actions, even if some of their harshest cuts hit the most vulnerable. That was unforgiveable but as a nation we had to dig ourselves out of the mess created for us and the bail-out exit is the first step in that. We suspect there will be many more

Michael Heverin, Editor




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