Tidy Towns start work on ‘masterpiece’ for 2014

The Cahir Tidy Towns Group are busy with the building of the new flower beds at the entrance to the town, many thanks to those supplying the materials for the work.

Kennagh is back in action also in the Abbey doing the stonework and although his time is nearly up on the scheme, he is willing to work on a voluntary basis to complete the work.

We are also making steady progress with development on the Ice House and have the ground work nearly complete. We would hope that this along with the Abbey will be our Master pieces for 2014. Thanks to the TÚS scheme for their help in providing the manpower to assist in this work.

Litter picking will continue this coming week for those not involved in the Cahir Operation Transformation - many of the group are being put through their paces in Duneske and around the streets.

We will be planning the popular table quiz shortly and we will have to limit it to 30 tables this year, this is a good complaint, but we have to have a bit of comfort.

The quiz will take place this year on Friday, March 7.

Once again at this time of year we ask people to think about painting works for the spring/summer in a bid to have all premises looking their best as this year is the Cannon Ball Run for Cahir where over 12,000 visitors are expected to come into town in September with events taking place all summer.


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