Tiger Sharks Swimming Club celebrate 10 years

Tipperary Tiger Sharks Swimming Club proudly display their medals after their recent Invitational Gala at Sean Treacy Swimming Pool.

Tipperary Tiger Sharks Swimming Club proudly display their medals after their recent Invitational Gala at Sean Treacy Swimming Pool.

On Saturday, February 8, the Tipperary Tiger Sharks celebrated their 10th Anniversary by hosting their first Invitational Gala in the Sean Treacy pool, Tipperary Town. There was a large attendance of 180 athletes from 7 of the clubs in the Munster region – Mallow, Thurles, Sundays Well, Carrick, Waterford and Limerick and who were supported by their parents. The swimmers competing were from all levels of ability, this included first time swimmers from our own development squad who all got a chance to compete and get times for their events. Development Squad: Tadhg Carew (12), David Carroll (11), Stephen Power (11), Ciara Kelly (12), Clodagh Fanning (10), Lucy McCormack (10), Cliona Hourigan (10), Shauna O’Brien (10), Liam Carew (9) and Anna English (7).

A huge organisational effort was made by the committee, coaches, parents and swimmers to ensure that this first Invitational Gala was a success. It turned out to be a great achievement with the events running along smoothly and without delays. The club would like to thank the pool staff and management for their co-operation and also to the sports complex staff for the use of their facilities, to everyone who gave up their time to help in the running of this event, to all the sponsors for their generosity and to all those who contributed in some way to the great outcome of this gala. A special word of thanks to the Gala Referee Mary Phelan, President of Swim Ireland, who gave us her invaluable experience and expertise on the day.

The Tiger Sharks squad performed extremely well by collecting an individual medal haul of 23 Gold Medals, 11 Silver medals and 11 Bronze medals.

Gold Medallists

Aoife M Ryan (16) 100m Breast, Fedor Klimonov (15) 50m Butterfly, 100m Butterfly and 50m Breast, Stephanie Deegan (14) 100m Breast, Ben Hogan (14) 100 Free, 50m Back, 100m Back and 50m Free, Eoin McCormack (14) 50m Breast, Una Carew (12) 100m Butterfly, Ellie O’Sullivan (12) 100m Breast, John O’Sullivan (12) 50m Back, 100m Breast, 50m Butterfly, 100m IM and 50m Breast, Caoimhe McCormack (10) 100m Breast and 100 IM, Denis Klimonov (10) 100m Free, 50m Back, 50m Butterfly and 100m IM.

Silver Medallists

Fedor Klimonov (15) 100 IM, Kate O’Flynn (15) 100m Back, Eoin McCormack (14) 100m Breast and 100m Butterfly, Stephanie Deegan (14) 50m Breast, Patrick Tynan (13) 50m Butterfly and 100m IM, Sorcha Ryan (12) 50m Butterfly, Faye Dowling (12) 50m Free, Ellie O’Sullivan (12) 50m Breast, Alan Flannery (12)100m Breast.

Bronze Medallists

Kate O’Flynn (15) 100m Free and 50m Free, Eoin McCormack (14) 50m Butterfly, Patrick Tynan (13) 50m Back, 100m Breast and 50m Free, Eilish Kennedy (13) 100m Butterfly, Alan Flannery (12)50m Breast, Sorcha Ryan (12) 50m Back, Dominic Hayes (11) 100m Butterfly, Caoimhe McCormack (10) 50m Back.

Other members of the squad also put in a commendable effort in securing 4th, 5th, 6th places etc. so that they got points for the overall club score. Their combined score of 505 points played a significant role in the Tiger Sharks position on the score sheet. This was a reflection of the high standard of the swimming on display and the true team spirit shown by the squad.

Well done to: Hazel Foley (16), Padraic Toomey (15), Norma Kennedy (14), Jenny and Lucy O’Brien (13), David Kennedy (13), Kieran Browne (13), Emma Ryan (12), Kate Phelan (12), Maebh Hourigan (12), Jennifer Murphy (11), Sean O’Neill (11), Jack English (11) and Kate Flannery (10).

Our congratulations to Waterford Crystal who won the Overall Best Team Award. They had the largest entry of swimmers and we are delighted to see them doing so well. It truly was a remarkable day when the fastest time of the day recorded was under 1.00 minute for the 100m Frontcrawl by a swimmer from Waterford Eoin Bray in a time of 58.50 seconds.

To end the day the Canon Relay took place by choosing a boy and girl from each age group…U10, U12, U14 and 15 and over. This was a very tight and competitive race but the Tiger Sharks had the edge throughout the race to claim first place. It was the icing on the cake for what was a thoroughly enjoyable gala.

Canon Relay Team: Denis Klimonov, Caoimhe McCormack, John O’Sullivan, Emma Ryan, Ben Hogan, Jenny O’Brien, Fedor Klimonov and Kate O’Flynn.

The club now look forward to hosting a C Grade Gala in Tipperary Town on Saturday, February 22.

On Sunday, February 9, Kate Flannery (Thomastown School) and Denis Klimonov (Monastery School) swam in Irish National Minor Schools Championship in National Aquatic Centre, Dublin representing their schools. Over 500 swimmers from 281 different schools took part in the competition.

Denis swam 100m IM showing 1:34.38 (knocked off 2 secs from his PB on Saturday and came 11th) and 50m Fly (he came 12th) Kate swam 50m Back showing 45.80 (knocked off 2.95 sec from her PB on Saturday and came 19th) and 50m Breast showing 57.05 (came 35th).




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