Tipp father issues house heating plea

Pat Massey at his home in Pearse Park, Tipperary

Pat Massey at his home in Pearse Park, Tipperary

A frustrated family man has pleaded with local authority officials to carry out installation works that would connect up an oil tanker and burner at his council house which was delivered three years ago.

Pat Massey,Pearse Park has called on what is now Tipperary Cashel Municipal Authority to do the routine connection job, something he insists should have been done by Tipperary Town Council three years ago when they delivered it to his house .

Pat ,his wife and three children ,now aged eleven,sixteen and twenty two,moved from another council house to Pearse Park because they were anxious to have a bigger house.

“We just jumped at the chance to take a bigger house and took it but we have had a nightmare trying to get proper heating in the house,” he said.

“My young boy has asthma and we cannot properly heat the house.The people next door did not move in until a tanker and burner was delivered and connected up and maybe now we should have done the same,” he said.

Pat believes that if the council completed the job in the house next door there was no reason why the same could not be done in his house.A spokesperson for Tipperary/Cashel council said the tanker and burner was provided onthe understanding that the occupier would organise the installation himself.




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