Tipp girls get hair cut for wig charity

Dearbhla Grogan

Dearbhla Grogan

Two brave and generous girls from Lisvernane have made a huge personal sacrifice to help people suffering from hair loss.

Maeve O’Dea, who is 10, and her friend Dearbhla Grogan, who is 11, have both donated their beautiful, long hair to the Rapunzel Foundation.

The Rapunzel Foundation is an Irish organisation which helps people with hair loss through providing information, sharing stories and through the collection of pony tails for the manufacture of natural hair wigs.

Last Wednesday Maeve and Dearbhla travelled in to Clonmel, to West End Styles hair salon in O’Connell Street, where both girls had 14 inches of hair cut off!

The ponytails have now been sent to the Rapunzel Foundation.

Deirdre O’Dea, Maeve’s mother, explained that the girls had heard about the work of the Foundation through another girl at their school who had donated her ponytail.

Both the girls put a lot of thought into it, considering since last Easter if they would cut their hair.

But they decided that it was about helping other people and that they, as healthy girls, can always grow back their hair.

The Lisvernane NS classmates, who have been friends for years, have now written to the Rapunzel Foundation.

Maeve also send them €20 which she was sponsored by a family friend for her generous act.

Both of the girls are very happy with their new hairstyles - enjoying feeling the breeze on their necks and, according to Deirdre there has been a lot of looking in the mirror!

“Both girls are very happy to be able to help other people get some quality of life back,” Deirdre said.

“As a parent I am very proud of Maeve, as is her dad and Dearbhla’s parents too.”

You can find out more about how to donate to the Rapunzel Foundation on www.rapunzelfoundation.com




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