Tipp Town Council sittings may move to hostel

Tipperary Town Council has been asked to investigate the possibility of offering to relocate Tipperary District Court to the chapel on the site of the Tipperary Hostel project.

Speaking at the December meeting of the local Town Council, Cllr. Denis Leahy said that he didn’t want to comment on the ongoing issue at the aforementioned site, but he said that it has been brought to his attention that the chapel at the hostel, which was formerly a workhouse is fully completed, and could be considered as an alternative location for Tipperary District Court.

Tipperary District Court sittings are currently being held in the basement of the Excel Heritage Centre. Cllr. Leahy said that a number of people pointed out to him that it is an inappropriate location for a court and was not conducive to attracting people into the Excel.He added that if it were possible that it would settle the nerves of people who were fearful of losing the court 
from the town.Town Clerk Paul Murray pointed out that Tipperary Hostel Project had 30 year lease on the site and that only twelve years had expired.

He said there were also issues around the chapel in that there were no holding area for prisoners or judges chambers.




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