Tipp Town students unleash the X-Factor at schools show

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The X-Factor was happening right here in Tipperary Town last week as the transition year students of St. Anne’s and The Abbey performed their annual musical.

The very talented and enthusiastic young performers sang their hearts out and danced through matinee and evening performances that got the whole town singing and dancing.

Back to the 80’s musical was created in 2001 by the outstanding American producer Neil Gooding and is witty, entertaining and packed full with upbeat popular songs. The transition year students worked very hard for weeks in rehearsals and under the direction of Michael O’Donohue and musical directors Pat and Fran Marnane, the cast delivered an upbeat, full of energy, entertaining, enjoyable show.

“We are very proud of the students and what they have achieved. The talent, energy and fun which they brought to each performance was infectious,” said Principal Treacy from St. Anne’s.

“They were an exceptionally wonderful group to work with,” added Principal John Kiely.

The prinicipal leads of the show were the talented Hannah Dowdall and Caolan Hennessey who were backed up by terrific performances by Aaron Crighton-Fox, John O’Driscoll, Cian Quish, Shane O’Donovan, Patrick Crehan, Marie Kinane, Sadhbh Brennan, Jack Sharpe, Deirdre Mullins, Paddy Donovan, Claire O’Dwyer, Evan Brahan, Anisha O’Dwyer, Maurice Mulhir, Kelly Crosse, Aoife Burns and Laura Hanrahan.

Congratulations to the back stage crew who worked hard to ensure everything ran smoothly and the cast especially wished to thank musical co-ordinators Ms. Helen Ryan and Mr. Pat Donovan, whose hard work was the backbone of this production.

“The cast would also like to thank the many sponsors who generously gave their support including Anne O’Dwyer and Pat Aherne, the caretakers of the Marian Hall, who were extremely kind to let the musical cast rehearse our Transition Year production,” said Michelle McLaughlin PRO.

“We would like to thank the Excel for hosting our show and a special thanks to everyone that helped in any way to make this musical possible,” said Louise Marnane PRO.

Congratulations to cast and crew of this year’s musical.

The musical is about the 30 year old Corey Palmer who is reminiscing on his senior year in William Ocean High School during the years of big hair, blue eye shadow and the Rubik’s cube. Corey Palmer is madly in love with his next door neighbour Tiffany Houston but she does not notice as she is too busy swooning over Michael Feldmen.

The class geek Fergal McFerrin 3rd thinks that cassette tapes are a thing of the past and that mobile phones will fit into the palms of our hands, but his ideas are laughed at.




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