Tipperary people helping needy African families

Last Christmas generous Tipperary residents donated 135 chickens to families in Africa, providing them not only with a long-term food supply but also with a steady form of income.

These chickens were amongst the numerous alternative gifts purchased by Tipperary people from World Vision Ireland’s Christmas catalogue.

This year the charity is aware that times are hard for many in Ireland and with this in mind it is offering a number of life changing gifts that won’t cost too much but could change the life of a child in the developing world.

€10 will provide a a hygiene kit for families devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. This gift will provide a family with much needed items such including toothpaste and laundry soap.

“This year we have witnessed the most appalling tragedies in places such as Syria and the Philippines. At the same time children throughout the developing world are losing their lives because they don’t have enough to eat. These gifts will bring hope to places of despair this Christmas. They really will make a difference to the lives of children around the world. ” said Helen Keogh, CEO of World Vision Ireland.

Every gift World Vision Ireland offers has been requested by the communities we work with. All gifts, including livestock, are sourced locally not just to save on shipping and ensure that animals are suited to the environment, but also because it injects money into the local economy.

Some gifts available this year include:

•Provide a Family in the Philippines with a hygiene pack containing soap, towels and laundry cleaners for €10

•Supply a family with five chickens for €10

•Set a family up for life with essential farming tools for €30

•Help a midwife deliver a healthy baby with a birthing kit containing soap and sterile equipment for €50

You can buy gifts online at www.worldvision.ie/gifts or by calling 1850 366 283


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