Tourist office should be moved to Town Hall


A suggestion to relocate Clonmel’s tourist office to the Clonmel Borough Council offices after the local elections in May was made at this month’s meeting of the Council.

In a debate about the future of the Parnell Street building and historic Town Hall, Cllr Richie Molloy suggested that it might be a suitable location to house the tourist office, and to keep the Town Hall open to members of the public.

The Clonmel Borough Council offices will be closed to the public after the local elections in May, and the abolition of the council. Councillors are fearful that the Town Hall will be lost.

“It is important that the civic side of the Town Hall isn’t lost. We have had so many freemen here, such as President Higgins and Dr. Pat O’Callaghan. There is a huge amount of history here and when I meet people on the street that is what concerns them,” said Cllr Molloy.

“We have a tourist office situated at Main Guard, could it be incorporated here? Because what we are afraid of is that once the doors close here, that’s it. While the Chamber would still be here, if the public haven’t access to it and there is nobody to staff it I could see it just being lost in 12 months time,” said Cllr Molloy.

“If we did move the tourist office here it would be a great marker and you could have a central point where people who come to Clonmel would associate it with the tourist office and you could make use of all the monuments and charters.”

Cllrs. Shoer, O’Donnell and Dunne supported this suggestion.

Councillors also supported a motion that the Town Hall should be the designated meeting venue for the new Clonmel and Cahir Municipal District.




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