‘Young should reach out for help from family’

Cllr Martin Browne says it is important young unemployed people reach-out for help from family and friends as cuts to dole payments kick in.

The Cashel Sinn Fein Cllr Browne said that he is very worried that many young people will be marginalised from their social circles as a result of this cut to dole payments.

“It costs money to see your friends, especially when you are younger. Young unemployed people may now decide not to attend social gatherings because they may feel embarrassed at not being able to afford a pint, a coffee or a bit of lunch. In such situations, it often feels more comfortable simply to stay at home,” he said

“These are every day events of social life and they contribute to the state of your mental health. I am very concerned that more young people might start to feel isolated and think that they do not have anywhere to turn. I would ask them not to submit to any dark thoughts because of such feelings. I am calling on them to reach out to their friends and family. I have no doubt that they will find an understanding and supportive ear.”

Cllr Browne says young Irish people tend to be quite proud. “I have talked to many young people and they are starting to develop feelings of inadequacy. That is wrong and there is no doubt in my mind that government policy is contributing to such feelings.

“Youth unemployment remains staggeringly high and there is glaring absence of a strategy to tackle it. How else should we expect our young people to feel in these circumstances? They are living their lives in a void.”

Cllr Browne’s message to young unemployed people this January is simply this – you have not failed this state. This Government and the previous one has failed you.

Cllr Browne has also called on the Government to help families who are struggling at present. He is calling for the Government to stop banks putting extra pressure on families as a range of 21 “new and hidden taxes and price rises” take affect in January.




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